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2022 Volunteer Coordinators

If you have any questions re: Volunteering during the season, please reach out to: Kim Gayeski and TBD

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2021 Volunteer Welcome Letter - posted April 27th

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2022 Committee Chairs

  • Announcers: Joe Chakounis
  • End of Season Banquet: 
  • Diving: George Dyer
  • Felt Pennants: TBD
  • Gear: Kim Lotoki and TBD
  • Hospitality / Concessions: TBD
  • "Tags" (Locker, Bedroom Door, Car): TBD (Meg Roswech to provide TOI)
  • Morning Breakfast Feeds: TBD
  • Parent Socials:  TBD
  • Photography and Video: William Oliva and Ashley Weldon
  • Scoreboard / Timing Console: Kara Moody and Angela Bosley
  • Senior Events: TBD
  • State Meet: TBD
  • Team Feeds: TBD
  • Timers: TBD
  • YouTube Live Streaming: Dive <TBD> and Swim - Heidi Coughlin
  • ...

Note: See below for Volunteer Committee Descriptions

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Volunteer Committee Descriptions

  • Announcers:
    • (2) volunteers are needed to be the "Voice of Arapahoe Boys Swimming"
    • Volunteers will make announcements before / during / after the meet, coordinate the Pledge of Allegiance (or equivalent) prior to the start of the meet, and announce the events and results at each home meet
    • Prep work for each meet includes:
      • Making sure PA equipment is set and working prior to the start of the meet (and turning off/securing equipment after the meet)
      • Obtaining a copy of the final Meet/Heat Sheets from Head Coach prior to the start of the meet
  • Awards Banquet:
    • (6-8) volunteers are needed to assist with planning and executing the end-of-season Awards Banquet. The responsibilities for this committee include:
      • Sending an invitation/tracking RSVPs
      • Arranging the catered meal
      • Collecting monies
      • Set-up and take down on the evening of the banquet
  • Diving Committee:
    • Diving parent volunteers are needed to run the diving portion of all meets, including the scoreboard, announcing, and judging results
  • Felt Pennants:
    • (6-8) volunteers are needed to help assemble the felt banner “kits” that are distributed to each family for completion so that each swimmer and diver has a pennant at the end-of-season Awards Banquet. This committee is also responsible for hanging the pennants and the State qualifier banners on the wall for the Awards Banquet at the end of the season.
  • Hospitality / Concessions:
    • (8-10) volunteers are needed to organize and sell concessions at the AHS hosted meets, including: AHS Relays, the Warrior Invite, and either “B” or “A” League (if Arapahoe is hosting one of those)
    • Hospitality is also needed at these meets to arrange for and deliver food and beverages to the coaches and officials
  • Locker Tags:
    • (2) volunteers are needed to design and distribute locker tags during the season. Typically:
      • Team / main season tag for all swimmers and divers (typically includes schedule)
      • A league qualifiers tag
      • State qualifiers tag
  • Morning Breakfast Feeds:
    • (2) volunteers per week are needed to provide “on-the-go” breakfast after morning practices each week. (Examples include: breakfast burritos/sandwiches plus muffins, or bagels, fruit, orange juice etc.)
  • Parent Socials:
    • Responsible for planning parent socials during the season (may include pre-season and post-season socials as well)
  • Photography and Video (includes Team Photo Day):
    • ~2 photography volunteers are needed per meet. Photographers need a higher end point-and-shoot or SLR camera. Photographers take pictures of all aspects of the meet. Photos are selected for the team website and used in the end-of- season booklet and slide show at the Awards Banquet.
  • Scoreboard / Timing Console:
    • (2) volunteers are needed per meet to work the timing/scoring console on the mezzanine level of the pool at home meets (training will be provided)
  • Senior Events:
    • Non-Senior parent volunteers are needed to plan the Senior Recognition Night, Senior/State qualifier dinner, and the Senior gifts given at that dinner
  • State Meet:
    • Responsible for coordinating all aspects of the State swim meet including: meals, budget, gear, hotel, etc.)
  • Team Feeds:
    • Team Feed Hosts: (4) volunteers are needed to host the team feeds held throughout the season (2 pizza team feeds, and A-League and B-League Dinners). The host will order food, provide paper plates and napkins, and coordinate details for the event.
    • (30) volunteers are needed to provide dessert and drinks and/or assist the team feed host with set up, food collection and clean up
  • Timers:
    • (8-9) volunteers needed per meet: one timer per lane and one overall back-up timer (training will be provided)
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